What To Wear: Family Photos

As winter begins to slip away and spring slowly creeps its way in, it will be time to refresh that family photo album with some new material.  You’ve coordinated your schedules and you’ve set your appointment.  You’re just about ready!  But one question sits on everyone’s minds – what do we wear?!

This question tends to be the most common source of stress among people preparing for their sessions.  And my clients are no exception.  Inevitably, they always ask me before our sessions, “What should we wear?”  And I always tell them to follow these few simple rules for great-looking photos!


Be Bold! The camera loves bright, bold colors that stand out.


Prints! Prints! Prints! Wearing a flattering print is a great way to offset a significant other who is rocking a solid bold color. Prints add some contrast adds interest to photos.


Coordinate colors and prints. Wear colors and prints that complement each other or that have common shades. This doesn’t mean you wear matching outfits. You don’t want to look like you’re in uniform.


Keep your surroundings in mind. Dress for your session location. Business casual doesn’t really work when taking photos in a cotton field nor does a sundress and cowboy boots work in a more formal setting. Wearing the right style for your location can make your photos fantastic!


Avoid fads. While something may be in style today, it could be laughable this time next year. Try to maintain a balance between classic and contemporary style.


Layers add dimension! Clothes look better in photographs when layered. Add a cardigan to give your outfit a complete look!


Bring a change of clothes. If you are still unsure of what to wear, bring a few different looks to discuss with your photographer.


Accessorize! Wearing a fun necklace or a cool tie can add some interest to any outfit. The right jewelry can bring just the right amount of attention to your face without overpowering your look.


This one is for the ladies. Wear a little extra make-up. Make sure your make-up is a little heavier than what you would do for every-day. And don’t forget your lipstick!

RULE #10

Be true to you! The best photos are those of people being themselves, so while these rules are certainly helpful, it is most important to wear something that best accentuates your features and shows off your individual style.

Now that you know what to wear on family-photo day, you’ll be ready to add some amazing new photos to your album. And if you still have questions on your photo wardrobe, ask your photographer! We give great style advice!

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