The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival

Mardi Gras is over so that means j-walking is illegal again, you've got a counter full of moon pies, stale king cake, and more plastic beads than you know how to dispose of. And it's inevitable, I've seen it every year. Right after Mardi Gras is over, the city goes into what I like to call Mardi Gras hang-over. After partying hard for the last month, people need the time to relax and recoup from last month's activities, but hopefully not too long because Fairhope's annual Arts & Crafts Festival is right around the corner. 

The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival has historically been an annual bright spot on the Eastern Shore. Being one of the favorite ways to welcome the spring, the Arts and Crafts Festival highlights the culture and art of the Eastern Shore and gives visitors a little taste of our area. People from all around the country travel to Fairhope for the weekend. Artists of all disciplines display their art and downtown Fairhope's restaurants and shops will be on full display. 

Last year marked 11 straight years that Fairhope's Arts and Crafts Festival has been named one of the top 100  Classic and Contemporary Craft Shows. An estimated 300,000 people come out every year for the festival according to the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce. Artist set up booths, display their art and mingle with countless numbers of both locals and tourist. With more than 200 booths on display for the weekend, Fairhope will be a bustling culture center for the weekend! 

This year, the festival will be held Friday, March 14th, through that Sunday, March 16th. The festival is absolutely free and is a fantastic way to spend the weekend. 

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