Sugar Kettle Cafe’s new breakfast menu

This morning I had the pleasure of trying the breakfast at Sugar Kettle Café. But before we get started I want you to go down and click on the pictures and scroll through them (you can use the arrows to go image to image).

Seriously, did you do it? I'll wait.

Okay, so as good as those pictures look the breakfast tasted even more amazing.

Sugar Kettle Café is a small little family-owned restaurant that has been in business for several several years. They are located on Highway 64 near Target in Daphne.

Previously they were known best for their lunch menu. They have the best country fried chicken I’ve ever tasted, and their Boston butt, Meatloaf, and Fried Okra are wonderful as well.

Two weeks ago they started a breakfast menu, and I'm here to tell you that it is amazing. I had biscuits and gravy, which came with a side of bacon or sausage, and a Belgian waffle, that had whipped cream, strawberries and syrup. Both were cooked to perfection and about the tastiest I've ever had.

So if you're looking for a new place to try for breakfast make sure to go over to Sugar Kettle Café and tell them that we sent you.

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