Organic Goodness from Season’s in the Sun

This past friday I traveled all the way to Jenkins Pit Road in Spanish Fort to check out Season's in the Sun (Map). I am kidding of course, Season's in the Sun is located about 3-4 miles from the office of Blue Fish Design Studio world headquarters. I wasn't sure what I would find when I got there but I was excited because I have been wanting something like this in my arsenal for quite some time. See, I like to cook. And I also like to use ingredients that are fresh. And if possible I would like the ingredients to be organic. And cheap... definitely cheap.

So I found the farm and walked up to it. The first thing I noticed was that there are chickens everywhere. Happy chickens that are allowed to roam the grounds. Free as a bird. smile There was also a beautiful turkey that tried to impress me by puffing up his chest when I walked up. And a pig.. have I mentioned I love bacon?

I found the entrance to the area where the produce is sold and was amazed. They were not your typical sickly and brown veggies. They were bright and colorful. The peppers were amazing. And there were a few things that I have never seen before like this cross between a cauliflower and broccoli that was kind of intimidating. You can check the images below for proof that I am not sugar coating it. 

Season's in the Sun is a small, family owned farm that grows it's produce using both hydroponic systems and traditional in the ground. They are committed to producing foods that are chemical and preservative free. Their sister farm in south Florida is USDA Certified Organic. That process is really really expensive though so a family farm paying tens of thousands of dollars to undergo that process is not going to happen. 

Season's in the Sun offers a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). Basically this program is one in which a family pays a small fee to become part of the community and then they pay a weekly or monthly charge, in return for that weekly charge they get a basket of produce and food from the farm. First pickins! There is another organization in Alabama doing this but they are out of Birmingham. Not to downplay the importance of what they are doing but I like the idea of the farm being 4 miles from my office.

Season's in the Sun also has things like fresh baked bread, honey, flowers, eggs, butter, and salsa. And I spoke with one of the purveyors and he said they would be getting in some local grass fed meats as well. For those of you that have never had grass fed beef it is amazing. It has a wonderful taste. 

So check out their website and like their Facebook page. Or go to the farm on Friday from 9-6 and pick up some goodies. I have it on good information that they will have Chocolate Balls this friday. Should be amazing!

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