Mother’s Day Ideas!

This is a Public Service Announcement for sons, dads, and daughters. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11th and it's time to start thinking of ways to sweep her off her feet. For those of you young enough to get away with the homemade coupons for chores, you've got it easy. But for the rest of us, we probably ought to start brainstorming now. Here are some really unique ways you can make Mother's Day a special time for the most important lady in your life. For most people, the thought is not really what counts, but for moms, it most definitely is! Using your imagination is the best way to make Mother's Day a memorable occasion. We've taken some time to help jump start your ideas process. 

Mother's Day lunch is probably the busiest day in May. Afternoon dining restaurants like Olive Garden or Felix's will be packed! With that being the case, what about a picnic? Surprise mom this year with a lunch picnic at one of the amazing parks around the area! Attached to the Fairhope Pier is Fairhope's Municipal Park which makes for an awesome spot to set up a day picnic. You don't even have to cook! Mediterranean Sandwich Shop, The Fresh Market and Panini Pete's are great places to either call in a to-go order or do a quick pick up. The picnic idea is incredibly simple, but as with most things, the little things matter. Pick up a picnic basket, make sure you have a big enough blanket, and pick a spot in the shade!

If picnics aren't your fancy and you'd rather be inside, try bowling! I think once we grow up we forget how fun the sport is but this Mother's Day could be a chance to find the long lost kid inside you! Get the whole family together and head down to Eastern Shore Lanes, grab a slice and get ready for a ton of fun with the everyone. Eastern Shore Lanes also has laser tag so this could be a chance to really make Mother's Day this year a weekend your family won't forget.

If both of these ideas aren't hitting home, here's an idea that's sure to raise some eyebrows, a Mother's Day surprise party! The last thing mom's will expect on Mother's Day is a party thrown in their honor. Surprise parties are usually reserved for birthdays, but this year, let mom know that she's important everyday and throw her a surprise Mother's Day party!

The real trick to making Mother's Day special is making it about mom, so whatever you do, let her know how grateful you are for everything she does. Let us know if you have some better ideas by commenting on this post or connecting with us on Facebook! 

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