Hot Places to Take Your Date… On a Budget

Valentine's Day just came and went and every guy knows exactly what that usually means.. Empty bank accounts. And in the aid of my fellow man, I felt the need to shed light on a couple of restaurants you can impress your lady with, and not break the bank. 

The list I made ranks the date-stinations in order from 1 to 3 based on cost, environment, food, and creativity. Keep in mind, the cost of these dates are all pretty relative to your date as well. I can't be held responsible if your lady friend orders the most expensive cut of meat on the menu or has an appetite for an aged wine. If either of these are the case, I'm at sorry gentlemen. I've also tried to stay away from the cliché date spots like Mirko, Felix's, and Master Joe's that are sure to be already on your radar. And with that, let the list begin.   

#1 Pinzone's - If you're looking for a little piece of Italy, look no further, downtown Fairhope has your place. Pinzone's, located in the heart of downtown Fairhope, has everything anyone could hope for in a romantic dinner location. The cuisine and the wine selection is some of the best around. Try anything on the menu from the baked rigatoni, to the fresh scallops, and I promise you can't go wrong! Pinzone's also offered one of the best lunch deals on the Eastern Shore. You get a large specialty pizza and a bottle of wine for $25! The large pizza is 14' and easily feeds two with room to spare. So take advantage of these and other great deals Pinzone's has to offer. 

#2 Guido's - Guido's is definitely one of the best spots here across the Bay, and I'm not even just saying for the price. You can honestly throw a dart at their menu and not go wrong wherever it lands. From the traditional Italian dishes like the chicken marsala, to the mouth-watering seafood plates, Guido's blows my mind every trip. The atmosphere is brilliant, and its location is prime sitting right in the heart of old town Daphne next to City Hall. As soon as you walk in you can hear and see everything cooking in the kitchen and the tables are set out in a way that reminds me of the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp. Trust me fellas, Guido's won't break the bank, but you're definitely getting brownie points if you take her there for dinner. 

#3 Dragonfly Foodbar - Dragonfly has my vote for a many of reasons. First of all, any place you can have tacos at the bar and a brew with the boys, then have the same tacos with your your lady and a glass of wine, is worth bookmarking on Google Maps, and trust me I did. Located in downtown Fairhope, Dragonfly is one of the smoothest restaurants around. The only setback is that the wine selection might be bigger than the dining area, but that's definitely a part of the charm. I have had so many of their tacos and I've never tasted one I didn't absolutely love, but if I had to recommend one, go with the seared tuna. But don't limit the selection to their gourmet tacos, any of their entrees are worth a try! 

The Eastern Shore has so many great  places to eat and I know of a few that were hard to leave off this list. But don't let the conversation end here, let me know what you think, I'm always up for hearing about new spots, especially restaurants. Check out my Twitter or comment on's Facebook! 

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