Father’s Day Ideas

It has been awhile since I have written anything for the blog. Since I am a father to 3 boys, Kara asked me what I thought about writing a Father’s Day (it is June 15th) post listing some of the cool things I think Dads’ would want. I think most guys are the same in that they like meat, gadgets and quality time with their beautiful woman. So, if your guy is like me, then you will certainly find something on this list that he will like. 

I do not know a guy that does not like bacon. As a matter of fact, I think some guys would be ok with substituting bacon for water. If the father in your life has a pulse then he will definitely love this Bacon of the Month club from Bacn.com. It is a little pricey at $140 but it is bacon which is just like gold, which makes this a bargain. The Bacon of the Month Club would pair well with this book on Beyond Bacon. Which has some really tasty recipes in it. Some use bacon and some need to have bacon added to them. And at $10 for the kindle version and $25 for the soft cover it is a reasonable price.

This area is big on baseball. If your guy likes baseball then one of these bats from Warstic will be a great addition to his arsenal. Even if he does not want to use it for batting, these bats are so cool they would look great on the wall in his office. They really are stunning.

Some guys like photography. I am one of them. I have all kinds of books on photography. Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs is one I have run across recently that I think would be great for someone looking to get better at photography. So if he just purchased a new camera or is showing an interest in learning the technical aspects of photography this book will break it down for him and he’ll be taking better shots in no time. This book is a reasonable $16 through Amazon.

As I age (like a fine scotch) I find myself wanting items that I can pass down to my boys. Saddleback Leather is a producer of fine leather products. Their stuff if built with such high standards it is sure to last for generations. I have been lusting after one of their bags for several years. They are pricey. But even their wallets and belts are great and are much less expensive. They have a list of gifts for Dad. They definitely know their demographic!

I am a firm believer that every man needs a pocket knife. If your guy does not have one or if his is showing its age then think about purchasing this Kershaw blade. I have one and it is a great knife. They hold an edge really well. It is a great buy at $35.

I like coffee. I mean like really like coffee. If the father in your life likes a good cup of strong coffee or espresso then think about getting him this little Aeropress. In about 3-4 minutes you can have some of the best tasting coffee you have ever had from this little plastic gizmo that only costs $26. I have had one for 4 years and I love it. Plus, it is small enough that if I am traveling I will often throw one in my bag so I am assured a good cup of coffee while traveling.

Remember that all guys love meat. Especially if it has been slow cooked over a hot fire. If your man likes to cook or BBQ then he needs a sharp Chef’s Knife. This Shun Chef's knife will allow him to dazzle you with his skills in the kitchen. Think about that… Your man. In the kitchen. Cooking and dicing away. This knife practically sells itself at $135.

Speaking of BBQ, I ran across Lillies Q the other day. I have not had a chance to try them yet, but at less than $10 I thought they would make a great gift. I am really partial to the Smoky Bourbon Barrel Aged but it is sold out. So as soon as it comes back online I am ordering a batch to grill up some chicken.

If you are of a more practical nature then every guy needs razors. Dollar Shave Club is a new company that will ship razors to your door and they are cheaper than the ones you would get at the local Walgreens. They have products starting at $10 dollars and their shave plans (where they ship out razor blades automagically) start at $1 a month!

And finally, every guy needs new underwear. We’re not saying we can or can not vouch for MeUndies but we can say that they have personality and are super comfortable… maybe that was too much information. Anyway, stay away from the fluorescent colors and pink and every father is sure to love these.

If all else fails then go to Publix. Get him a six pack of his favorite beer. Send the kids over to the grandparents and cue up an action packed movie on the TV. Snuggle up and spend some quality time with him. No man can resist a good movie, some good beer, and his beautiful bride. And a very Happy Father’s day to all the Dads!

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