Fairhope’s Art Walk!

There's always something going on it seems like on the Eastern Shore, but one of my favorite weekend activities without a doubt is Fairhope's Art Walk. What's awesome about art walk is that I've been with my parents, roommates, and even my girlfriend. Fairhope's Art Walk is fun for anyone, no matter their age or gender. Be on the lookout for the dates, but Art Walk is usually the first Friday of every month. 

Being a musician, seeing all the live musicians showcasing their art is always the part I enjoy most but the amount of talent around this area is astounding. Our area has its own unique culture and I've always thought that Art Walk is a great way to get a taste of it. Regional artists set up shop and showcase their paintings sculptures, and other various works. Wine is usually there to taste, and every antique store and shop downtown has their doors open and welcome to visitors.  

Coming up, Art Walk will be on March 7th. It is completely free and lasts from about 6p - 8p. If you have the time, stop buy and check out anywhere between 20 - 30 vendors. The first Friday of the month is a unique experience and one of the great things to do on the eastern shore.

We'd love to know how your Art Walk experience was. Let us know what you think, comment on this page or visit our Facebook. 

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