Delta Woods and Water Expo

When we first began brainstorming what we wanted to look like, we knew that a heavy emphasis on bringing attention to local events would be a priority. This weekend, the annual Delta Woods and Water Expo is happening. This is just the type of event we knew we really wanted people to hear about.

The event is completely FREE and will be held at the 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center. The Delta Woods and Water Expo is all about showing the beauty of the environment surrounding the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. There will be interactive presentations, exhibitions, and tons of activities. Under the instruction of experienced outdoorsmen, professionals, and educators, attendees will be able to learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge about the area and the outdoors with one-on-one instruction. A food tent will set up serving Bar-B-Q and a boat show going on as well so there will definitely be plenty to see.

With the gorgeous weather we are having right now on the Eastern Shore, what better way to experience the outdoors than to spend some time outside and learn a little bit about where we live. The goal of the expo is to expose and educate the community on how to have enjoyable outdoor activities while still promoting environmental responsibility and appreciation. Saturday is family day and the expo encourages families to make a trip out and enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer this weekend. Parking will be plentiful and there is even a free shuttle bus ready to get people to and from the designated parking areas. 

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the event, feel free to visit the events website. Enjoy your weekend outdoors!

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