Baldwin County Help Portrait

This past Saturday I had a chance to take part in a Help Portrait Event.  For those of you that are not familiar with what a Help Portrait Event is, it is an event that was started by Jeremy Cowort out of Nashville. Basically, a Help Portrait Event is a group of photographers that gather together at a location and offer to take photographs of people that make might not otherwise be able to afford having a professional photographer take portraits. This particular Help Portrait Event was organized by Debbie Godard and Stephen Savage, both of which are extremely active in the Eastern Shore Camera Club. I would like to thank them for putting together such a great event, it was fun getting to meet many members of the photography community and being able to give back to the community-at-large.

Debbie and I discussed the possibility of putting together another Help Portrait Event. Typically they take place in December and are a chance for people to get Christmas portraits taken. So it looks like she and I will be discussing an effort to put together another Event in early December. If you're at all interested in photography and want to learn a little more about studio photography. Or if you just like giving back to the community, make sure to get in touch by following the Eastern Shore Camera Club Facebook page or sending me an email so that when things start to come together for the next Help Portrait Event we can contact you. And, if you are a non-profit, a church, or a parachurch organization we would love to talk to you about reaching out to your communities.

One thing is for sure, after today I'm really inspired to try and find some office space that has a studio in it. So if you know of any office space in Spanish Fort or Northern Daphne that is conducive to a Photography Studio definitely drop me an email.

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