America’s Talking About Us!

Those of us who've spent time on the Eastern Shore know what a great place it is. it's about time though, that everyone else took some notice. Fairhope, a piece of the Eastern Shore is receiving national recognition as both a place to visit, as well a place to raise a family! 

According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, Fairhope ranks #15 in the magazine's list of the most romantic towns in the country. What's awesome about this list is that it was voted on by people from all around the country. That means people are coming to the Eastern Shore and loving it! With all the exciting things going on around the Eastern Shore, Fairhope gaining national notoriety has to be at the top of the list. If you want to take a look at the article, feel free to click here

In addition to topping the list of most romantic towns in America, Fairhope also makes the 2011 list of Best Places to Raise a Family by Family Circle. The magazine takes into account notable characteristics, and among the most important are, top-notch schools, affordable housing, green space and the overall mood of the community. Making note of our "charming coastline," the blurb in the magazine offers a flattering review of the Fairhope's incredible seafood selection, breath-taking views, and quaint downtown. All in all, the article wanted to shed light on places in America that might not be one of the first places you hear about, but definitely have a lot to offer as a permanent destination for growing families. If you want to see the rest of the list, you can read the article here

As our Eastern Shore grows, it helps to get people outside of our community to take notice of everything our area has to offer. Here at, our goal is just that; to get people to start noticing what a unique opportunity we have here on the Eastern Shore to grow and really be the shining spot of the coast. Let us know what you think, or connect with us on Facebook! We would love to here from you!

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