A Mom’s List of 20 Things to Do This Fall

Just like the title suggests, here's a list of fun, family-friendly (and mostly economical) things to do this fall. We'd love to hear what you like to do with your kids and family... share your ideas with us sometime or let us know how you like these suggestions! Happy Fall, Y'all!

  1. Invite friends over for a Chili Night! Need an easy recipe? Here are two recipes from our own "Chief Boss Person", Marcus: Yummiest White Chicken Chili EVER or his Kick Butt Turkey Chili.
  2. Attend a local High School Football Game. We have some serious teams on the Eastern Shore from reigning State Champs Spanish Fort Toros, former State Champs from Daphne and Fairhope, as well as the Bayside Admirals! Need a schedule - check them out here

    *Need some fun Tailgate Recipe Ideas? Check out these cute Double Chocolate Football Cupcakes!

  3. Go on a Hayride this fall! There are several fun places around our area to enjoy this fall favorite, like:

  4. Collect and Press Fall Leaves. What to do with them when they’re dry? Write one thing you’re thankful for on each leaf with a Sharpie and use them around your Thanksgiving Dinner centerpiece.

  5. Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” A classic that nearly everyone loves, right?!

  6. Take a Day Trip with your family.  Let us know what YOUR favorite day trip idea is!

  7. Carve Pumkins - who doesn’t love to create a masterpiece and get your hands all slimy? Here are some links for some FREE Carving Templates, and 12 yummy things to do with your seeds afterwards!

  8. College Football Party - we love football in the south, epecially college football, and especially SEC college football. Dare we ask who your favorite team is?! Here are some fun Tailgating Recipes from Southern Living.

  9. Pick Your Own Apples and Bake an Apple Pie. It’s not as hard as you think (although they're aren't TOO many orchards in our area… but, here’s a simple recipe to follow. 
  10. My personal favorite? It’s "slightly" more than a day trip, but oh so fun to experience at least once with the kids… Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. No kids? No problem… I think it’s fun regardless! (If you read the "By Line" at the end of this post, you'll know a little more of why this is one of Kara's favorite fall things to do!)

  11. Boys and Girls - Collect Pine Cones and make one of these great fall craft ideas from these simple how-to videos on Fall Garland or Pine Cone Fire Starters.

  12. Girls, this one’s for you… Paint Your Nails Like Candy Corn! First paint your entire nail with yellow polish, then, when dry, put a thin stripe of tape across the center of your nail. Paint the section closest to your nail bed with orange polish, then the end of your nail with white. When completely dry, gently remove the tape and enjoy your festive look!

  13. Need a quick fundraiser to give to your favorite charity or a tasty after school snack idea? Make Yummy Caramel Apples - there are so many recipes and variations, I can’t begin to pick only one to share! 

  14. Spend a “Tech-Free” Day With Your Family (see #6). I work for a design studio, so I may catch something for this, but I bet even Marcus puts his phone and tablets away during special family days!!
  15. Create fun class party ideas, like Ice Cream Cone Cornucopias! Here's a super cute and easy idea from a site called Make Life Delicious.

  16. Have a Neighborhood S'more Tasting Party. Have everyone bring their favorite items to roast, create and share around the fire pit.

  17. Bob for Apples. Yep, it’s messy, but what kid (big or little) doesn’t love to do this?! According to historical references, girls who place the apple they bobbed under their pillows are said to dream of their future husband. (Ok, so you don't have to share THAT part with the kids.)

  18. Bake Candy Corn Sugar Cookies... oh so cute and tasty, too... Look at this easy recipe!

  19. Bake Thankful Rolls to serve at Thanksgiving Dinner. What a blessed twist on the traditional “fortune cookie” idea!!
  20. Volunteer at a Local Food Bank like Spanish Fort’s Prodisee Pantry, and give back to your community. Contact them to see how YOU can volunteer this season.

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